information visualisation research


Vivid Sydney 2017: Gulliver's Swift Travel Service

Concept design, construction, development with Digital Mango Labs on Gulliver's Swift Travel Service (2017), an interactive installation for VIVID Sydney 2017.

Preview of the exhibition available at the VIVID Sydney website.

Science of the Unseen

Co-curator of Science of the Unseen (2016) an online exhibition organised by ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community.

The exhibition is available online at:

The rich use of media in Science of the Unseen makes the exhibition immersive and captivating in its exploration of the world. As the curators share on their site, they do not want the human mind to be at the center of their work—instead, they hope that the viewer will feel like they are just a small part of a much larger world.

- The Creators Project

Altered Books: Digital Interventions

View the Online Exhibition. (2015)


Collaboration with Xavier Ho to produce abstract representations of public domain books.



Python with NLTK


Founders Circle


Generative video work created as an ambient animation for an event held for the Founders Circle at The University of Sydney


Processing, with my Poisson Points processing library

2014: Expanded Architecture (click for more photos)

2014: Expanded Architecture (click for more photos)

Personal Care?

Expanded Architecture


Kate Dunn, John McEwan and I created this interactive artwork as part of the Expanded Architecture exhibition in Sydney, October of 2014.  It is inspired by collaborative works between Harry Seidler and various artists that were undertaken during the design of several prominent buildings around Sydney, and Australia.


Large-scale projection mapped onto the wall of the atrium at Grosvenor Place, Sydney.  

Microsoft Kinect, Processing.

2013: Personal Care?

Static Data Visualisation

Shown at OzViz 2013


This work was a collaboration between myself and Xavier Ho.  It was designed as a digital poster for display in the CAVE2 at Monash University, Melbourne.

It is based on the experimental data from Ho, K. T., Chariton, A. A., Portis, L. M., Proestou, D., Cantwell, M. G., Baguley, J. G., & Kamikawa, A. (2013). Use of a novel sediment exposure to determine the effects of triclosan on estuarine benthic communities. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry32 (2), 384-392. doi: 10.1002/etc.2067


High Resolution CAVE2 (27320 x 3072 pixels)



2011: Reefs on the Edge Tangible User Interface objects

Reefs on the Edge

Visualisation and Interactive Table


Reefs on the Edge is a transmedia art installation which incorporates Visual Arts, Sound Design, Tangible User Interface Design, Visualisation, and Multiple-Channel Video. 


I was involved in designing a TUI and visualisation in collaboration with my good friend, Adityo Pratomo.  This project was part of the M.IDEA program at Sydney Uni.





Product Design

Resin Casting





Live Data Visualisation


This work is a collaboration between myself and Jonathan McEwan, for the M.IDEA program at Sydney Uni. 

It is an aggregation of live data from Twitter and We Feel Fine which shows the emotional state of the city. 


Low-resolution generative animation on a Smart Slab media façade using Processing


Twitter and We Feel Fine API integration